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ExploreSolana is a comprehensive platform designed (serves as a non-token/non-financial launchpad) for upcoming and existing Solana projects to reach and acquire (new/more) users.

And for the users (also earn contributing to the platform), ExploreSolana serves as platform to discover upcoming and existing Solana projects, Interact with them, favorite the best you like to re-access later anytime and also give ratings and review to Solana projects that will help prospective users make an informed decision about the project.

Additionally, the users ratings/reviews serves as feedback to the Solana project team/developer to improve their product and services.

ExploreSolana platform is not just another regular solana project directory popping up here and there and eventually going stale with few listings and less updated - Nope, the directory is just one of the many essential features and solutions that ExploreSolana aim to offer the existing Solana community while helping to onboard new people and enhance experience of new users after been onboarded to the Solana ecosystem.

Main Slogan:

"Explore Solana ecosystem and discover opportunities."

🔔 Hint:

The term "Solana project(s)" throughout this content refers to dApps, tools, content, protocols, features, communities, DAOs, and much more in the Solana ecosystem.


See the existing problems and solutions we aim to offer below:

C. KEY FEATURES OF ExploreSolana:

  1. Access over 1,000 Solana projects...
  2. Bookmark projects for easy future access.
  3. Stay updated with upcoming project and feature launches.
  4. Engage with the latest developments and community insights.
  5. Share and read experiences to make informed choices.
  6. Contribute to the platform and earn rewards in dPUT tokens.
  7. Discover what’s popular based on community interaction and feedback.


ExploreSolana is not only about Solana projects discovery and engagement but also about rewarding its community:

  1. Earn dPUT tokens for approved project submissions.
  2. Engage with project-specific campaigns for additional rewards.
  3. Earn by referring others to subscribe to the ExploreSolana "S" Newsletter.
  4. Future opportunities are on the horizon, ensuring our community remains vibrant and rewarded.

The dPUT earned is the official utility token of dProgramming University (dPU) ecosystem and ExploreSolana is one of the project in the ecosystem that qualify to reward users with dPUT.

Do you want to know about what is dPUT?

How much of dPUT you can earn and a lot more about earning on ExploreSolana platform?

How to exchange your earned dPUT for SOL?

Then check out the:

ExploreSolana Earn Opportunity Paths