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3 Land Blinks

  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Created: 2024
  • Moderation Status: approved
3 Land
  • Registry Status: Trusted Blinks
  • Categories: NFT Marketplace, NFT Art Gallery, NFT Tools, ,

3 Land Blinks Summary:

3 Land Blinks empower artists and creators by integrating a creator-first metaverse, marketplace, and social space with a low-fee cNFT launchpad.

Artists can list their art using any SPL token and share their 3 Land art URLs, which auto-convert to Blinks, allowing users to mint NFTs without leaving their current platform.

These Blinks make 3 Land's features available directly within integrated Blinks-enabled platforms, eliminating the need to visit external websites.

Note: Kindly check the blinks integrated platforms section to see current platforms where 3 Land Blinks are available.

3 Land Blinks Key Features:

1. Auto-convert 3 Land art URLs to Blinks for seamless sharing on integrated platforms.

2. Mint NFTs directly within Blinks-enabled platforms without visiting external sites.

3. Utilize any SPL token for listing and minting cNFTs.

4. Access a creator-first metaverse, marketplace, and social space.

5. Benefit from a low-fee cNFT launchpad for cost-effective NFT creation and trading.

3 Land Blinks Demo:

See 3 Land Blinks Demo

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