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Realms Blinks

  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Created: 2024
  • Moderation Status: approved
  • Registry Status: Trusted Blinks
  • Categories: DAO Management Tooling, Developer Tool, , ,

Realms Blinks Summary:

Realms Blinks brings the robust DAO management tools of Realms directly to Blinks-enabled platforms.

Users can now create, manage, and interact with DAOs seamlessly without leaving their current platform.

With Realms Blinks, you can vote, propose, and manage treasury activities with ease, enhancing the efficiency of decentralized communities.

These Blinks make Realms’ features available directly within integrated Blinks-enabled platforms, eliminating the need to visit external websites.

Note: Kindly check the blinks integrated platforms section to see current platforms where Realms Blinks are available.

Realms Blinks Key Features:

1. Manage DAO activities such as voting, proposals, and treasury management directly within Blinks-enabled platforms.

2. Create and share actionable links for DAO interactions without leaving your social media feed.

3. Utilize comprehensive DAO management tools to streamline governance processes.

4. Enhance engagement with community members through seamless on-chain interactions.

5. Integrate with various services for notifications, DeFi, staking, and identity management within the platform.

Realms Blinks Demo:

See Realms Blinks Demo

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Realms Blinks was created by Realms (Click to See the full project details, team, grants, jobs, bounty and more on Explore Solana Project Explorer)