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Arcium (Elusiv)

  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Moderation Status: approved
Arcium (Elusiv)
  • Pricing: Free
  • Categories: Privacy, Developer Tool, , ,

Arcium (Elusiv) Summary:

Arcium is a parallelized confidential computing network that enhances the security and efficiency of data processing on the Solana blockchain. It supports diverse applications, ensuring data privacy and trustless computations through advanced cryptographic techniques.

Arcium (Elusiv) Description:

Arcium, previously known as Elusiv, is the first parallelized confidential computing network built on Solana (planned to become multi-chain).

It empowers developers and applications with trustless, verifiable, and efficient confidential computing power.

Arcium facilitates secure on-chain and off-chain computations, allowing sensitive data to be processed without exposure.

The network leverages Multiparty Computation eXecution Environments (MXEs), which combine MPC, Homomorphic Encryption, and Zero-Knowledge Proofs to enable encrypted computations.

Arcium supports a variety of applications, including AI, DeFi, DePIN, and healthcare, by ensuring data privacy and security while enhancing computational efficiency.

More on transitioning from Elusiv to Arcium at https://x.com/ArciumHQ/status/1790779856713814430

Arcium (Elusiv) Pros:

1. High Security: Ensures data remains encrypted and confidential during computations.

2. Versatile Use Cases: Supports diverse applications in AI, DeFi, healthcare, and more.

3. Customizable Setups: Allows users to tailor MPC setups based on specific security needs and trust levels.

Arcium (Elusiv) Cons:

1. Complexity: Requires understanding of advanced cryptographic techniques and MPC.

2. Initial Investment: May require significant hardware and setup for optimal performance.

3. Early Stage: As a pioneering technology, it might have limited documentation and community support.

Arcium (Elusiv) Use Case:

1. AI Developers: Securely pool encrypted data from multiple sources for collaborative AI model training.

2. DeFi Projects: Encrypt fundamental DeFi actions and maintain user trust through secure data handling.

3. Healthcare Providers: Enable secure collaboration on sensitive patient data for research and personalized medicine.

Arcium (Elusiv) Team Details:

1. Yannik Schrade - https://x.com/yrschrade

2. Julian Deschler - https://x.com/julian_arcium

3. Nicolas Schapeler -

4. Lukas Steiner -

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