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  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Moderation Status: approved
  • Pricing: Freemium
  • Categories: Security, Analytics/Stats, Audit Tool, ,

Bubblemaps Summary:

Bubblemaps offers an innovative way to visualize and analyze blockchain data (to easily identify security issues) showcasing the top holders of a token as bubbles (one bubble = one wallet) and their bubbles connect with links on the bubble map.

Bubblemaps Description:

Bubblemaps is an innovative tool that provides visual representations of blockchain data across Solana, EVM, and other blockchains. It creates bubbles mapping to show how wallets interact with each other for a particular token, revealing underlying security issues and hidden patterns.

Bubblemaps aims to bring transparency, effectiveness, and playfulness to blockchain analysis, enabling users to investigate DeFi tokens, NFT collections, and more.

Key features include unlimited access to comprehensive features, historical data tracking, and real-time map refreshing for premium members.

Key Features:

1. Investigate:

Explore any DeFi token or NFT collection with detailed visualizations of wallet interactions.

For example, when SOL is transferred between a particular token holder's wallets, their bubbles connect with links on the bubble map. This gives a very accurate representation of the token distribution and can help identify wallet activity, making it easier to understand wallet interactions and identify potential security issues.

This can help uncover if, for example, token/meme coin creator/team hold huge amounts secretly by using multiple wallets aside from the one they declare publicly to ensure people can't detect them.

It also exposes NFT collection creators who engage in wash trading to artificially inflate the price of their NFT collection above its actual market value.

2. Time Travel:

Access the history of all maps and refresh at any time to see how interactions have evolved.

3. Case Studies:

Learn from real-world examples of how Bubblemaps have identified significant on-chain patterns and security issues.

Bubblemaps stands out as an innovative tool for blockchain data visualization and analysis.

Its ability to provide clear and engaging visual representations of wallet interactions makes it a valuable resource for anyone involved in blockchain security, investment, DeFi or development. With a focus on transparency and effectiveness, Bubble

Bubblemaps Pros:

1. Transparent Visualizations: Provides clear, easy-to-understand visuals of wallet interactions, enhancing transparency in blockchain analysis.

2. Effective Analysis: Helps identify potential security issues and hidden patterns in token distribution and wallet interactions.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be playful and engaging, making blockchain analysis accessible to a wider audience.

4. Educational Case Studies: Offers real-world examples to help users understand the data.

Bubblemaps Cons:

1. Subscription Cost: Full access to all features requires a premium membership, which may be a barrier for some users.

2. Learning Curve: Users new to blockchain analysis might find it challenging to understand and interpret the visual data initially.

3. Data Overload: The extensive amount of data available might be overwhelming for users without a clear focus or purpose.

Bubblemaps Use Case:

1. For Security Analysts: Identify potential security risks and suspicious wallet interactions in DeFi tokens and NFT collections.

2. For Investors: Gain insights into token distribution and wallet behavior to make informed investment decisions.

3. For Developers: Monitor token dynamics and ensure fair distribution within their projects.

Bubblemaps Team Details:

Bubblemaps Team MembersSocial Links
Nicolas Vaiman
Arnaud Droz
Léo Pons
Cameron McIntosh
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