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  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Moderation Status: approved
  • Pricing: Freemium
  • Categories: Identity, KYC Tool, Developer Tool, ,

Civic Summary:

Civic provides state-of-the-art tokenized identity verification and management tools tailored for the Web3 environment. Its flagship products, Civic Pass and Civic ID, offer comprehensive solutions to address the challenges of identity fraud, AI deepfakes, and secure user authentication across multiple blockchain networks.

Civic Description:

Civic is a multi-chain protocol offering advanced tokenized identity tools for Web3, specializing in KYC and age verification services.

The platform provides tokenized identity solutions through Civic Pass and Civic ID, allowing users to manage and verify their identities securely and efficiently across different blockchain networks.

Civic’s technology addresses various challenges such as identity fraud, AI deepfakes, account takeovers, and more, ensuring a safer and more reliable digital ecosystem.

Civic's services include:

1. Civic Pass:

A flagship ID verification tool that performs verifications of identity documents, location, and humanness. This tool is essential for ensuring compliant and secure interactions in decentralized applications.

2. Civic.me:

Civic.me is described as a dynamic Web3 profile that allows the user to set and display a custom name, headline, and PFP NFT image selected by the user.

3. Civic ID:

A tokenized identity that can be used across web and mobile platforms, as well as physical Civic ID cards. Civic ID is designed to protect against various forms of digital identity threats, including identity fraud and AI deepfakes.

Civic is a leader in the realm of digital identity verification, offering robust and user-friendly solutions that enhance security and compliance in the decentralized space.

Its multi-chain compatibility and comprehensive verification services make it a go-to platform for projects looking to secure their user interactions and protect against identity fraud and other digital threats.

Whether for decentralized applications, financial services, or social platforms, Civic provides the tools necessary for a secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem based on human-lifeness verification.

Civic Pros:

1. Multi-Chain Support: Civic’s tools are compatible with Solana and multiple blockchain networks.

2. Comprehensive Verification: Offers robust KYC and age verification solutions.

3. Security: Protects against identity fraud, AI deepfakes, and other digital threats.

4. User-Friendly: Provides a seamless experience for identity management across platforms.

Civic Cons:

1. Cost: Advanced verification services might be expensive for some users.

2. Complexity: Integrating Civic’s services can be complex for smaller projects.

3. Privacy Concerns: Some users may have concerns about sharing personal information.

Civic Use Case:

1. Decentralized Applications: Integrate Civic Pass to ensure user compliance and security.

2. Financial Services: Use Civic’s KYC solutions for secure and compliant customer onboarding.

3. Social Platforms: Implement Civic ID to prevent identity fraud and enhance user trust.

4. E-commerce: Leverage age verification to comply with regulations and protect minors.

Civic Team Details:

Civic Team MembersSocial Links
Vinny Lingham
Jonathan Smith
Chris Hart
Learn more about the Civic team

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