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Hubble Protocol

  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Moderation Status: approved
Hubble Protocol
  • Pricing: Premium
  • Categories: DeFi, Lending/Loan, Yield Farming, Protocol,

Hubble Protocol Summary:

Hubble Protocol is a DeFi platform on Solana that allows users to borrow USDH against their crypto assets. The platform offers decentralized borrowing, yield generation on collateral, and a robust governance framework.

Hubble Protocol Description:

Hubble Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Solana blockchain.

It offers users the ability to borrow USDH, a decentralized stablecoin, against various crypto assets such as SOL, ETH, and kTokens.

Hubble's primary aim is to make borrowing easy, cheap, and attractive while allowing users to earn yield on their collateral.

Some of the project focus areas are:

1. Decentralized Borrowing:

Users can deposit multiple crypto assets to borrow USDH, which can be utilized across various DeFi protocols on Solana. Loans have no fixed maturity, and borrowers retain full exposure to the market.

2. Yield Generation:

Users can earn yield on their collateral. Hubble supports yield-bearing assets like mSOL, stSOL, and daoSOL, allowing users to benefit from staking rewards while borrowing USDH.

3. Governance and Security:

Hubble is governed by its community, with features like directive proposals and group proposals. The platform also prioritizes security, with rigorous testing and multiple independent security audits.

With a focus on security and community involvement, Hubble aims to enhance capital efficiency and provide attractive borrowing options for DeFi users.

Hubble Protocol Pros:

1. Decentralized Borrowing: Allows borrowing against multiple crypto assets with no fixed maturity.

2. Yield on Collateral: Users can earn yield on their deposits through staking and other strategies.

3. Robust Security: Hubble undergoes rigorous testing and multiple security audits to ensure platform integrity.

Hubble Protocol Cons:

1. Complexity: Understanding and managing the different vaults and yield strategies can be complex.

2. Risk of Liquidation: Borrowers need to monitor their collateral to avoid liquidation during market volatility.

3. Dependent on Solana: Platform stability and performance are tied to the Solana blockchain.

Hubble Protocol Use Case:

1. Leverage on Crypto Assets: Users can borrow USDH against their crypto holdings to invest in other DeFi opportunities without selling their assets.

2. Yield Generation: Earn staking rewards and other yields on collateral while maintaining loan positions.

Hubble Protocol Team Details:

Hubble Protocol Team MembersSocial Links
Marius George Ciubotariu
Silviu Troscot
Nejc P
Dawid Snyders
Mihai Tataru
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