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Pump Fun

  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2024
  • Moderation Status: approved
Pump Fun
  • Pricing: Premium
  • Categories: Trading, Meme, , ,

Pump Fun Summary:

Pump Fun is a launchpad for creating and trading meme coins on Solana, ensuring fair launches with no team allocations or presales. Users can launch a token for under $2, with all tokens following a fixed supply and bonding curve model.

Pump Fun Description:

Pump Fun is a unique launchpad for creating and trading tokens (meme coins and any other tokens) with ease. For under $2, users can launch a coin that is instantly tradable.

The platform ensures fair launches by preventing rug pulls and eliminating team allocations, making every token launch equitable and transparent. Though the interesting method is not still able to stop lots of the tokens on the platform from ending up as a rug pull before it launched on Raydium or shortly after it is launched, usually gets dumped forever.

When a token is created on Pump Fun, it follows these characteristics:

1. Fixed Supply: Each token has a total supply of 1 billion.

2. Bonding Curve: All tokens are stored in a unique bonding curve contract wallet. The creator does not receive any free tokens and must purchase them like any other user.

3. Token Purchase: As tokens are bought from the bonding curve wallet, the progress towards 100% is tracked. Once fully sold, it reaches a total of 85 SOL.

4. King of the Hill: Tokens that achieve over 50% of their bonding curve are featured on the Pump Fun homepage, providing extra exposure. However, once dethroned, they cannot reappear.

5. Launch to Raydium: Upon hitting 100% bonding curve (100% token sold for 85SOL):

2 SOL is deducted as a fee.

4 SOL is used for setting up the Raydium Liquidity Pool (LP).

The remaining 79 SOL and 20% of the token supply are deposited into the LP, launching the token for public trading on Raydium.

Pump Fun offers a unique and fair approach to launching and trading meme coins. With a low entry cost and robust security measures, it provides an accessible and transparent platform for crypto enthusiasts and traders alike.


The pump fun platform is dominated by pump-and-dump scheme memecoins. Thus, engage with caution.

Pump Fun Pros:

1. Fair Launch: No team allocations or presales ensure fairness for all participants.

2. Low Entry Cost: Launch a token for under $2.

3. Secure: Rigorous controls to prevent rug pulls and ensure token safety.

Pump Fun Cons:

1. Limited Exposure: Tokens not on open exchange

2. Fixed Tokenomics: Fixed supply and pricing structure may not suit all projects

3. Memecoins: Though pump fun features are attractive but may not be suitable for non-memecoin token project launches as the platform has gathered a community of degens only interested in pump-and-dump schemes with instant huge high-risk high-returns on their trading

Pump Fun Use Case:

1. Meme Coin Enthusiasts: Ideal for users interested in creating and trading meme coins.

2. Fair Launch Advocates: Suitable for those looking for transparent and equitable token launches.

3. Crypto Traders: Provides opportunities for traders to engage in fair trading practices with low entry costs.

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