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  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Moderation Status: approved
  • Pricing: Premium
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Sec3 Summary:

Sec3 offers a full-stack security solution for Web3 projects, combining audits, formal verification, real-time transaction monitoring, and vulnerability scanning. Their innovative tools, such as OwLLM, provide advanced blockchain-specific analysis, enhancing the security and scalability of protocols

Sec3 Description:

Sec3 is a comprehensive security and research firm specializing in providing bespoke audits and cutting-edge security solutions to Web3 projects.

By combining academic expertise, industrial Web2 cybersecurity experience, and CTF-winning skills, Sec3 ensures the security and scalability of blockchain protocols.

Sec3's services include smart contract audits, formal verification, real-time transaction monitoring, and vulnerability scanning.

They also offer OwLLM, an open-source Web3 Large Language Model trained on blockchain data, aiding in transaction analysis, threat detection, and more.

Key Features:

1. Audits:

Fortify protocols with industry-leading skills and expertise, covering Web2 codebases, Web3 smart contracts, DeFi, and Zero-Knowledge applications.

2. Formal Verification:

Use advanced methods to mathematically prove the correctness and robustness of smart contracts.

3. WatchTower:

Monitor transactions for malicious activity in real-time and halt attacks using 24/7 emergency tooling.

4. X-Ray:

Instantly scan code for vulnerabilities against a constantly expanding security library.

5. OwLLM:

Leverage the first open-source Web3 Large Language Model for blockchain-specific analysis and insights.

Sec3 stands out as a premier security and research firm in the Web3 space, providing comprehensive and innovative security solutions.

Their commitment to cutting-edge technology and rigorous security practices makes them a valuable partner for any blockchain project looking to enhance its security and protect its users. With a proven track record and trusted by leading protocols, Sec3 is among the top choice for Web3 security.

Sec3 Pros:

1. Comprehensive Security Solutions: Offers a holistic approach to Web3 security, covering multiple aspects from audits to real-time monitoring

2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizes advanced formal verification methods and AI-powered tools like OwLLM

3. Experienced Team: Combines academic, industrial, and CTF-winning expertise to provide top-notch security services

4. Trusted by Leading Projects: Secured protocols for prominent names in the Web3 space, including Metaplex, Helium, and StarAtlas

Sec3 Cons:

1. Complexity: The advanced security measures and tools may be overwhelming for smaller projects or those new to blockchain security.

2. Cost: High-quality security services and audits may come at a premium, potentially limiting access for startups or smaller projects.

3. Resource Intensive: Implementing comprehensive security solutions may require significant time and resources from the client.

Sec3 Use Case:

1. For DeFi Projects: Secure smart contracts and financial protocols with rigorous audits and formal verification.

2. For GameFi Developers: Protect gaming applications and assets with real-time monitoring and vulnerability scanning.

3. For Blockchain Infrastructure: Enhance the security and reliability of foundational blockchain technologies and services.

Sec3 Demo:

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Sec3 Team Details:

Sec3 Team MembersSocial Links
Chris Wang
Dr. Nick (Yunhui) Zheng
Dr. Xinyu Xing
Coderrect Inc.
Learn more about the Sec3 team

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