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Solana Speedrun

  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2023
  • Moderation Status: approved
Solana Speedrun
  • Pricing: Free
  • Categories: Game Jam, Hackathon, Event, ,

Solana Speedrun Summary:

Solana Speedrun is an exciting game jam event that brings together developers and enthusiasts to create innovative blockchain-based games. With a mix of virtual and physical participation, educational workshops, and competitive prizes, it offers a dynamic platform for showcasing game dev skills.

Solana Speedrun Description:

Solana Speedrun is a community-organized game jam hosted by MagicBlock.

This event aims to foster creativity and innovation in game development on the Solana blockchain.

Participants are given a limited time to create games from scratch based on a given theme.

The event features various tracks, workshops, and a robust support system to help developers bring their game ideas to life.

Solana Speedrun is open to game developers, Solana enthusiasts, and creatives worldwide, with both virtual participation and physical venues in select cities.

Key Features:

1. Community-Organized Event:

Engage with a vibrant community of developers and Solana enthusiasts.

2. Workshops and Support:

Access a series of workshops to prepare for the game jam.

3. Virtual and Physical Participation:

Join from anywhere virtually or attend physical Solana Speedrun IRL events in cities like London, New York, Istanbul and more.

4. Prizes and Recognition:

Compete for prizes and get your game judged by a committee.

5. Diverse Tracks:

Participate in the main track or special tracks sponsored by partners.

Solana Speedrun represents an innovative fusion of game development and blockchain technology creating a collaborative and competitive environment, it encourages the development of unique and engaging blockchain-based games.

The event's blend of educational workshops and significant prizes makes it an attractive opportunity for developers looking to explore the potential of Solana in gaming.

Whether participating virtually or in-person IRL, the Solana Speedrun game jam hackathon offers a valuable and inspiring experience for all involved.

Solana Speedrun Pros:

1. Global Participation: Open to participants from around the world.

2. Educational Workshops: Gain valuable knowledge and skills through workshops.

3. Competitive Prizes: Attractive prizes for the top games.

Solana Speedrun Cons:

1. Limited Time: Developers have a very short and restricted timeframe to complete their games.

2. Virtual Coordination: Remote participation may present coordination challenges.

Solana Speedrun Use Case:

1. Game Developers: Showcase skills and creativity in a competitive setting.

2. Solana Enthusiasts: Experiment with blockchain technology in gaming.

3. Tech Companies: Engage with innovative developers and discover new talent.

Solana Speedrun Team Details:

Solana Speedrun Team MembersSocial Links
Andrea Fortugno
Gabriele Picco
Thorsten Lorenz
Magic Labs
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