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  • Project Status: Live
  • Year Founded: 2023
  • Moderation Status: approved
  • Pricing: Freemium
  • Categories: DePIN, AI Tool, , ,

UpRock Summary:

UpRock is a pioneering DePIN network that merges AI with open data, enabling users to earn rewards by sharing their idle internet bandwidth. By leveraging a decentralized infrastructure, UpRock provides personalized, AI-driven deals and insights, fostering a more open and accessible AI future.

UpRock Description:

UpRock is an innovative DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) that combines AI with open data to create a people-powered data rewards network.

With a focus on decentralization and web3 principles, UpRock enables users to share their idle internet bandwidth and earn UpRock tokens ($UPT) in return.

This mobile-first platform is designed to make earning rewards easy and accessible, while also providing users with personalized, AI-discovered deals.

UpRock’s network leverages real-device peers to provide a vast, open data network that accelerates the development and distribution of real-time AI tools and apps.

The platform partners with Koii Network, Synesis One, and Cube Exchange to drive network demand and growth.

The co-founders are experienced entrepreneurs with successful acquisitions, including the Tenta Crypto Browser, which was acquired by Avast.

The UpRock AI Earnings app allows users to earn $UPT by sharing their unused internet bandwidth, contributing to a decentralized web data infrastructure for AI.

UpRock token "UPT" serve as the native currency within the ecosystem, enabling users to participate in the network, access premium features, and earn rewards.

The platform's innovative approach empowers users and developers alike, making it a significant player in the DePIN web3 ecosystem.

UpRock Pros:

1. Easy Earning: Users can start earning rewards quickly by sharing their idle internet bandwidth.

2. Decentralized Network: Leverages a decentralized infrastructure to power AI data needs and foster an open AI future.

3. Personalized Insights: Provides real-time, AI-discovered deals and insights tailored to users' preferences.

UpRock Cons:

1. Token Locking: During the beta phase, earned tokens are temporarily locked.

2. Internet Dependency: Requires a stable and reliable internet connection for optimal earnings.

3. Privacy Concerns: Although the app ensures privacy, some users may still have concerns about sharing their internet bandwidth.

UpRock Use Case:

1. Public Wi-Fi Sharing: Allows users to share their internet connection and earn rewards, promoting wider internet access.

2. AI-Driven Deals: Users receive personalized deals and insights based on real-time data analysis.

3. Decentralized Data Infrastructure: Supports the development of decentralized AI tools and applications by providing a robust data network.

UpRock Team Details:

1. Jesse Adams - https://x.com/jesseshappyhour

2. Rasim Uner - https://x.com/RasimUner

3. Jennifer McEwen - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-mcewen/

4. Sean Carey - https://x.com/densone

More about the UpRock Team - https://www.linkedin.com/company/uprock/people/

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DePIN, AI, open data, rewards network, $UPT, decentralized, web3, internet sharing

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