New Feature:Solana Blinks Explorer Launched - Explore!


Stage 1 (Alpha):
Pre-Launch Explore Solana Alpha Version

  1. Alpha launched 5th May 2024:

    Alpha launched with just about 5 Solana projects listed on ExploreSol.xyz domain.

    Received feedback on UX/UI and improved for beta launch.

  2. Launched X(Twitter) Threads "S Episodes":

    To showcase Solana projects on Social media on 8th May 2024.

    The first S Ep1 tweet thread was:
    S Ep1: #ExploreSolana Projects & Discover Opportunities!.

    This also means users engaging with the ExploreSolana x tweet thread can also earn rewards as stated in the S Episodes threads.

  3. Launched daily Solana 'S' Newsletter:

    The ExploreSolana 'S' Newsletter was launched On 8th May 2024.

    The first S Ep1 newsletter was:
    S Ep1: Explore Solflare on Solana! 🌟.

Stage 2 (Beta):
Launch Explore Solana Beta Version

  1. Beta launched 18th May 2024:

    The Explore Solana Beta version was launched with new design, improved UX/UI, and responsive mobile design in line with users feedback from Alpha launch.

    About 15 Solana projects listed.

    We continued to expect users feedback on UX/UI and improve to prepare for the full launch.

Stage 3 (Full):
Launch Explore Solana

  1. Full launch:

    This will come when we finally hit the 1,000 Solana projects listed goal, making the platform robust enough to convince:

    1. Solana Projects Team/Developer:

      Will want to feature their project before, during, and after launching to connect with more users via this platform.

    2. Solana Community:

      For new and existing users to earn engaging with Solana projects, use to bookmark their favorite Solana projects for easy access anytime in the future, and rate/review projects to send feedbacks to projects teams.

  2. New features and projects:

    New features will be added to ExploreSolana platform as we go.

  3. S Episodes Newsletter and Twitter Thread:

    Explore Solana 'S' Newsletter and X tweet threads will continue to be a medium to help connect Solana projects and users daily.